From Abacus to Internet

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An earlier version (75 pages) of this
exhibit was awarded Silver at Egoli
(Johannesburg) 2001.
A 60-page version was shown at
Stampex 2003, Johannesburg and was
awarded Vermeil (78 points).

This version (90 pages) was awarded
Gold at Capex 2005 (Cape Town).
(87 points)

An 80-page version was shown in
Malaga, Spain, in 2006, and was
awarded a Large Vermeil (86 points).

From Abacus to Internet, front page
0. Plan

0     Title Page & Plan

1. The Mechanical Age

1.1. Early Counting Tools

1.2. The Mechanics who built them

1.3. Mechanical Calculating Tools

2. Bridging the Gap

2.1. Early Inventors

2.2. Before World War II

2.3. The Driving Forces

2.4. The Typewriter's Split Personality

2.5. The Need for Speed : World War II

3. The Electronic Age

3.1. Going Digital:  the 50s

3.2. The Turbulent 60s

3.3. Garage Geniuses in the Valley: the 70s

3.4. But can it play Chess ?

3.5. The PC arrives: the 80s

3.6. IT becomes an Industry

3.7. IT becomes Pervasive

3.8. The New Millennium: Y2K

4. The Internet

4.1. The World Wide Web

4.2. E-mail: The Electronic Letter

4.3. IT's Impact on the Postal System

4.4. Quo Vadis ?

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