Thematic Exhibiting

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Thematic Exhibiting was entered in the Literature Class at the Joburg International Stamp Show 2010 where it was awarded Vermeil
                                      International Philatelic Literature Exhibition LIBRAFILA, Romania, 2011: Vermeil
                                      APS Stamp Show, Sacramento, California, August 2012: Vermeil
                                      International Philatelic Literature Exhibition IPHLA, Germany, 2012: Large Silver

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“A very welcome, informative and readable handbook, often with a touch of gentle humour, unravelling the mysteries of thematic exhibiting. ” NH, England

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“I think your magazine is a very good and enjoyable read. ” RB, England

“I was very impressed. ” LL, Australia

“I have read your book and compliment you on the way in which you have presented it. I like the way in which you have linked the Special Regulations and Guidelines for FIP exhibits in with the text. ” RW, England

“Very didactive book, congratulations. ” IP, Slovenia

“We got your (two) books. Really very well written, and reading is also very pleasant, instructive, and interesting. ” VG, Slovenia

“It is very comprehensive and will obviously be of great assistance to me. ” BF, South Africa

“Nice and useful book. Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge and rich experience.” RJ, Slovenia

“De koppeling van de verschillende beoordelingscriteria van een inzending met jouw uitleg en de voor dat criterium geldende reglementen is een heel goede vondst en geeft zeer duidelijk weer waar het om gaat bij thematisch tentoonstellen.” PS, The Netherlands

“It appears to be a very useful guide on how to exhibit. ” LD, U.S.A.

“Very useful book. My congrat.” FF, Brazil

“Congratulations on your book “Thematic Exhibiting”. It is going to prove most useful.” PK, South Africa

“Aangenaam verrast was ik bij de ontvangst van uw boekje, interessante inhoud. (ik ben al jaren tentoonsteller, zelfs internationaal).” RF, The Netherlands

“Very useful and to the point. Impressed - congratulations.” UB, South Africa

Thematic Exhibiting

The publication is authored by Wobbe Vegter, an experienced exhibitor, whose exhibit has been awarded Large Vermeil and Gold Medals at various national and international exhibitions.

This prolific writer has written numerous articles on thematic exhibiting which have been published in philatelic magazines in a number of countries.

“Thematic Exhibiting” explains the hows and whys of thematic exhibiting and will discuss, inter alia, the following subjects:

        ● How do the judges award the points for your exhibit
        ● The title and plan of a thematic exhibit
        ● Development of the plan
        ● Which philatelic material can be used
        ● Which material should not be used
        ● Thematic and philatelic knowledge, study and research
        ● Condition and rarity
        ● Presentation of an exhibit
        ● The use of place names in a thematic exhibit
        ● The one-frame thematic exhibit
        ● Preparing for an exhibition
        ● Full details and explanations of the relevant FIP rules and guidelines

The 64-page book has been published in A5-format, in full colour on high-quality glossy paper with a bound spine. It contains numerous illustrations to clarify the many different aspects of thematic exhibiting.

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