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. Other computer-related stamp sites

From abacus to laptop: Johann Vandenhaute (Belgium)
Computers on stamps: Teus van Beek (Netherlands)
Computers on Dutch stamps: J. Vink (Netherlands)
The story of the computer: Dan Dobrescu (Romania)
Computer stamps forum: Vito Galgano (Italy)

. Other computer history sites

People related to computers
History of computers
Calculating machines
Charles Babbage Centre: History of Information Technology

. Glossaries

Glossary/Terminology - Computers
Glossary/Terminology - Philately

. Philatelic Societies

Bellville Philatelic Society (my home society)
Mathematical Study Unit of the A.T.A.
Thematics Southern Africa
NVTF: Nederlandse Vereniging voor Thematische Filatelie
Themaphila: Belgische Vereniging voor Thematische Filatelie

. Literature

Computers on Stamps and Stationery - by Larry Dodson, 1998 - ATA Handbook 134
Computers on Stamps and Stationery, Volume 2 - by Larry Dodson, 2004 - ATA Handbook 152
(A must for every collector of computer stamps)

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