Cyber Philately Articles
by Wobbe Vegter

. Interview with Wobbe Vegter
          Published in: Brainstorm, October 2001, Vol.1:3

. In gesprek met .....Wobbe Vegter
          Interview gepubliceerd in: Thema, (Nederlands) Tijdschrift voor Thematische Filatelie, september 2006, jaargang 19 nummer 4

. About Cyber Geeks, Gurus and Geniuses
          Published in:
               The South African Philatelist, December 2001, Vol. 77:6
               ThemNews, December 2001, Vol. 2, no.5
               Philamath, January 2002, Vol. XXIII, no.3 [#1]
               Topical Time, March-April 2002, Vol. 53, no.2

[#1] Philamath is the quarterly journal of the Mathematical Study Unit (MSU)

. Cyber Philately – How it all began
          Published in: The South African Philatelist, February 2002, Vol. 78:1

. Cyber Philately – Y2K: philatelically speaking
          Published in: The South African Philatelist, December 2002, Vol. 78:6

. Behind Bars
          Published in: ThemNews, December 2002, Vol. 3, no.5 [#2]

[#2] ThemNews is the bimonthly journal of Thematics Southern Africa

          This article was revamped, rewritten and re-published in 2014:
          Published (in Dutch) in two parts: Filatelie, september 2014, nr. 1039 & november 2014, nr. 1041
          Published in two parts: ThemNews, February 2015, Vol. 15, no. 4 & May 2015 Vol. 16, no. 1

. Mark Shuttleworth: South Africa's Cyber Hero
          Published in:
               ThemNews, February 2004, Vol. 4, no.6
               Philamath, October 2007, Vol.XXIX, no.2

. Linn's Website Review: "Site features stamp exhibit about computers"
          Reprinted with permission from the March 1, 2004, issue of Linn's Stamp News.

. What's in a name? $$$ if you're called Tuvalu
          Published in: ThemNews, April 2004, Vol. 5, no.1
          Published (in Dutch) in: KNBF Nieuwsbrief, maart 2014, nr 047

. Cyber Heroes of the Past
          A series of monographs published in ThemNews and other philatelic magazines

. Exhibiting Digitally
          Published in: The South African Philatelist, June 2010, Vol. 86:3
          Published in electronic format on the website of Digital Philatelic Workshop on 10 November 2009

. Thematic Impressions of the Joburg International Stamp Show 2010
          Published in: ThemNews, February 2011, Vol. 11, no.4

. Thematische Indrukken van de Joburg International Stamp Show 2010
          Gepubliceerd in: Thema, februari 2011, jaargang 24, nr 1

. Computer Technology and Stamps
          Published in: Setempe, January-March 2012, Vol. 17, No 1

. Het gebruik van plaatsnamen
          Published (in Dutch) in: Themaphila, Kwartaalblad van de Belgische Vereniging voor thematische filatelie, 3de trimester 2012, jaargang 47 nummer 212

. Does Your Topical Collection Have Holes In It?
          Co-authored by Larry Dodson, Ruud van Dam & Wobbe Vegter
          Published in: Topical Time, November/December 2012, Vol. 63, No 6
          Published in: ThemNews, May 2013, Vol. 14, No 1
          Published (in two parts) in: The Perfins Bulletin, July/August & September/October 2013, Vol. 67, No 4 & 5
          Published (in Hebrew) in: Shuvel, issue 98 (November/December 2014)

. Pokémon – craze or crazy?
          Published in: ThemNews, November 2016, Vol. 17, no.3
          Published (in Dutch) in: Thema, februari 2017, jaargang 30 nummer 1

This is a “Vegter”.
It depicts a night watchman, an occupation immortalised by Rembrandt. In medieval times, the Vegter would patrol the streets of the city, lantern in hand, protecting citizens from bandits and other unsavoury elements. The formidable greatcoated figure would be armed with a “goedendag” (literally “good day”), known in English as a “morningstar”. With a spiked iron ball mounted on a heavy staff, it was sufficient to tame even the most unruly of the characters operating under cover of night.
The figure features in the masthead of the Vegter Kroniek [Vegter Chronicles], the Vegter family newspaper which is published every two months. The VK, as readers have come to know it since 1987, is written by and distributed among the extended Vegter family across four continents.
The origin of the name Vegter" and the Vegter family tree can be found (in Dutch language) on the following site " de Vegter familie ".

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